7 of My Favorite Interior Design Trends!

7 of My Favorite Interior Design Trends!

1. Faux Finishes

Faux finishes, not to be confused with faux paint, are cost effective and easier to maintain than the authentic materials they emulate. For example, engineered quartz that resembles marble, is a much more user friendly material than marble itself.

Marble is very porous, while engineered quartz, being less porous, can withstand heat and acidic foods much better. This is crucial especially when you are deciding what material to use in your kitchen!

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2. Texture

Texture brings depth, mystery, and comfort to any room. Texture can be seen in furniture fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, throw pillows, and so on. I love mixing and layering different textures to create a visually intriguing room!

It is an easy way to spice up any space. Simply replace a few pieces with items that have texture, or reupholster your furniture with a textured material and you can easily take your space from drab to fab!

3. Navy Blue

Navy is the new black. Navy blue is the perfect versatile accent color. Whether it is used as a wall color, wallpaper, on your cabinets, or as a fabric color; it provides a classic, yet refreshing energy to any room.

When using navy instead of black, you don’t run the risk of making the room appear smaller or too dark, yet you still achieve the richness and depth you may be looking for.

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4. Mixing Old and New Elements

If you love a classic or vintage room but also love a modern or industrial vibe, you don’t have to choose! Mixing elements from the past and the present is a great way to guarantee that your design project will stand the test of time.

Another positive of mixing new and old elements is that you can always add more or less of each style and easily achieve a whole new look to your space without have to completely redecorate.

5. Cerused wood

A cerused finished wood will highlight the contrast between the grain and the rest of the wood surface. This finish brings out the texture in the wood, creating a rustic, distressed, elegant energy.

Using this wood finish can transform your space and can be paired with almost any design style, whether you want a modern, vintage, or traditional interiors, using a cerused wood adds a beautiful touch!

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6. Nailhead Details

This detail has been used in the past, mostly in upholstery, but I am loving the new creative ways they are being utilized.

You can place them on light fixtures (which I am using on a new project, can’t wait to share!), mirror frames, or on chests, etc.

7. Subway tiles

I love, love, love, subway tiles! They are classic, versatile, and affordable. You can use them virtually anywhere in your home and they look great in a variety of colors and textures!

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