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Nadia began her career in Los Angeles as an entertainment attorney. Soon after graduating from UCLA Law , she began to work in the legal department of a major entertainment agency. Nadia always had a creative side and talent in interior design and after leaving her position as an attorney, she decided to follow her passion. Nadia moved out of California and began to purchase, renovate and design investment properties. After the immense amount of positive feedback and design inquiries from buyers of those properties, Design by Nadia was born.

Over the past five years and almost a dozen moves, Nadia became an expert at furnishing homes on very short notice. She understands and has experienced the enormous amount of time, energy, and organizational skills it takes to manage large interior design projects, handle renovations, and furnish a space, often times without being physically present. She is now committed to putting her experience to use and helping other achieve their design dreams in a smooth and enjoyable process.

Nadia’s eye for aesthetics comes naturally and was inspired by her mother; a sculptor, artist, and interior designer. Nadia always knew that she would return to her original passion.  Being a creative thinker and very sensitive to the aesthetics of her environment became most obvious when Nadia would find herself as an attorney analyzing how the conference room could be designed to provide a more inviting environment for clients, how the color of the walls, the art in the room, and the spatial layout of the furniture affected the mood of the clients and the energy of the office. She knew then that creating beautiful interiors was her destiny.

Style is personal,

Design by Nadia

creates interiors that are unique only to you

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About Design by Nadia

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Design by Nadia brings a unique perspective to interior design. Creativity is extremely important when it comes to being an interior designer but in order for the ideas to come to fruition it is vital that the project be run in an organized and diligent manner.

Design by Nadia offers personal one on one services. The design studio takes pride in having the ability to take on selective projects, in order to provide clients the attention and treatment necessary to achieve their goals.

Organized, methodical, and timely;

this allows the creative design process to function smoothly

and turn your design dreams into reality!

Nadia’s goal is to bring her clients desires to life, and to guide those into discovering what would work best for them even when that desire is not yet known. By asking the right questions and getting to know her clients and their lifestyle, Nadia gets an understanding of how they want to live, how they want to feel, and how they want the space to function.

Nadia believes that items in the home should work in harmony with the particular architecture. The home is best decorated as a consistent whole, with a clear goal in mind.

What is unique about working with Nadia is that her style is able to manifest and flow in whichever direction the particular project requires. She takes pride in the fact that her style is unidentifiable. Style is very personal, and Nadia’s job is to help her clients define what it means to them.

With her discerning eye, Nadia examines every space with a view towards color, texture, and proportion to create balance. Design by Nadia creates an environment that is simultaneously distinct and unknowable.

One factor that will always remain constant in a space designed by Nadia, is that it will be both eclectic and timeless, effortless but well thought out, a perfect blend of styles that all lead to one destination: harmony.

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Design by Nadia offers personal one on one services providing clients the attention and treatment necessary to achieve their goals in a timely, efficient, and gratifying manner.

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