Secrets to Selecting New Finishes

Secrets to Selecting New Finishes

When doing a remodel or selecting materials for a new build, the task of selecting items may seem overwhelming for many. On the surface, one may think that it can’t possibly be that hard, and for some of you, it may not be. But for many people taking on this task can quickly become exhausting and confusing. There is definitely a method to the madness and I would like to provide a few tips to those who do not hire an interior designer. Here we go!

Tip 1: Inspiration Board

Find out exactly what style you are going for. Do not forget to take into consideration the architecture of your home, your furniture, and your budget. With the vast amount of visual content on the internet it is very easy to gravitate towards images that look awesome, but may not work in your specific situation. So be mindful of your circumstances when creating an inspiration board.

Tip 2: Budget

Be very clear as to what your budget is. If you are looking for very custom materials, your costs will increase. Make sure you include in your budget, the cost of installation and labor. Certain materials may cost more to install then others.

Tip 3: Sources

Gather information and location of the manufacturers’ and retailers that you will be using. Go for a quick walk through, and see what they have without being under the pressure to make any selections. Get an idea of what is out there and the general pricing of materials that you would like to use. Make sure you have measurements for all of the areas you need materials for, preferably have the measurements taken by a professional to make sure you are ordering the correct amount of materials.

Tip 4: Room by Room

Begin your process focusing on one room at a time, preferably your main area, the space that is the most important to you. Once you have selected items in that particular space, move on to the next space. Gather samples of every material you select for the first room, so you can make sure that the different areas flow together when making those selections.

Hope this helps and remember hiring an interior designer saves time, energy, and costly mistakes!



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